In 2005, while on a trip to the Holy Land, we visited the Holy Family Crèche in Bethlehem and in front of these orphaned or abandoned children or children in care we just had a crush. What were we to do?

First of all we noted with great interest that the Crèche didn’t lack financial means to meet everyday needs, but that they might need some help to develop an “educational project” in favour of early childhood thanks to skilled staff on the spot. Our aim turned into getting help to the Bethlehem Crèche in Palestine by all material and financial means, for instance by hiring and training dedicated personnel in order for them to be able to meet the needs of these orphaned or abandoned children they were asked to take care of. That was how the Association des Amis de la Crèche de Bethléem (Suisse) (Friends of the Bethlehem Crèche Association (Switzerland)) was born as well as the Website you are visiting. The Association was also meant to be open to all Friends groupings from Europe and beyond, who wanted to become better acquainted with the Crèche and give visibility to our activities in favour of the Bethlehem children.

As the St Vincent of Paul Sisters let us know they could do without our services, the Association has evolved and opened outwards to the needs of the whole population of Bethlehem and its surroundings, especially disadvantaged children, which explains why it changed its name into the Friends of the Bethlehem Children Association. The Association organizes fund-raising sales and events, initiates charitable actions and cultural events, and collects donations and bequests.

It regularly keeps its members and any interested person informed about the situation in Bethlehem as well as support actions it undertakes via a newsletter or this Website.

The Friends of the Bethlehem Children Association is governed by Swiss law, it is apolitical and non denominational.